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Fine Water

Fine Water like wine has terroir and a story to tell

‘Terroir’ is the French word for the natural environment in which a particular Fine Water has been sourced. It includes factors such as geological make up, topography, soil composition and climate of a specific area or region. Terroir is the environment that imparts to each Fine Water its distinctive properties, characteristic taste and unique flavour.

It is an incredible fact to comprehend, that the Fine Water you taste today has been untouched for hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of years and represents the very soul of the Earth, from the very beginnings of time itself.

Fine Water is pollutant free and of exceptional quality. Gently bottled at its source and preserved until the seal is broken at your table. Some springs naturally carbonate the water, creating Sparkling Fine Water.

Sources of Fine Water include Spring, Artesian, Iceberg, Glacier, Well, Rain & Deep Sea.

About us…

We are bottlers, suppliers and distributors of Fine Water from around the world. We are also the home of South Africa’s 1st Certified Water Sommelier – Candice Jansen

Water is our absolute passion and because we love the finer things in life, we know exactly what to do when it comes to Fine Water. Once you know that water is not just water and you have access to this luxury segment within the wider category of premium waters, you will share the same enthusiasm.

We could keep you here all-day-long sharing legendary stories of remote and ancient Fine Water sources and the people behind the Fine Water brands, who celebrate water the way we do. Rather, we want you to come on the journey with us, to experience the sensations and incredible satisfaction that only Fine Water can bring. There will be plenty of time to tell all the stories.

Characteristics of water


Mineral Water’s subtle taste and terroir are determined by the minerals it contains. It is measured in mg/l and is known as TDS. Total Dissolved Solids.

Super: Low 0 – 50mg/l
Low: 50- 250 mg/l
Medium: 250- 800mg/l
High: 800 – 1,500mg/l
Very High: 1,500mg/l & over


There are various levels of carbonation in water, this determines the balance.
Still, Effervescent, Light, Classic & Bold.
Certain geological conditions create naturally carbonated water.


pH factors measure the level of alkalinity or acidity in water. This is the waters orientation.

Alkaline | pH 7.8 – 10
Hint of Sweet | pH 7.3 – 7.8
Neutral | pH 6.7 – 7.3
Acidic | pH 5 – 6.7


Virginality indicates how protected a water is from its surroundings and determined by the water’s level of nitrate.

Superior | 0 – 1 mg/l
Very Good | 1 – 4 mg/l
Good | 4 – 7 mg/l
Acceptable | 7 – 10 mg/l
Potable | 10 – 50 mg/l


Hardness is determined by calcium and magnesium levels.

Soft | 0 – 17.1 mg/l
Slightly Hard | 17.1 – 60 mg/l
Moderately Hard | 60 – 120 mg/l
Hard | 120 – 180 mg/l
Very Hard | 180 mg/l & over


The vintage of water is important to note. Young waters such as rainwater don’t have much time to absorb minerals, therefore they tend to have a much lower TDS level. Older waters may feel more substantial. Vintage plays an important role as it adds to the story of water and the epicurean experience. Some waters have thousands of years to reach their final destination while others take a very short journey.


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