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Cuvée Water: 2 Artesian Spring Wells
TDS <2000 mg/l
Balance | Effervescent

NEVAS is a synonym for “Water, which flows out of a black vessel”. Νερό is the Greek word for water, Nero means black in Italian. VAS, as the second part, is the equivalent for the Latin word vessel.

Nevas Water Cuvée is the first premium table water of German origin, celebrating its pearly texture just like a champagne, with a bottle closed with a cork and an extraordinary design, which turns every table into a festive banquet.

Nevas water is not only extremely precious regarding its high TDS, it also wins with a very special taste experience.
The glass is of a dark, noble sheen and the curved, bulbous form flows into an elegant neck, which is sealed with a cork.



Source: Natural Mineral Water from a deep source well
TDS: 440 mg/L
Balance | Effervescent

Perlage is a natural mineral water bottled at the source in the Nałęczów Spa area.
Perlage is bottled at the source and extracted from a 320 ft deep well. The underground rock filtration cycle is estimated at 400 years before the water reaches its final destination.

Perlage is bottled using specially created technology of saturating natural mineral water with carbon dioxide of natural origin. Thanks to this unique method the bubbles are very small and release slowly. It is perfect for sparkling water lovers as well as for those who prefer still one. The delicate fizziness is similar to one you may find in high quality sparkling wines. Subtle water taste, low sodium level and these tiny bubbles (which clean the taste buds) make this water a superb companion of food and wine.

Three Bays


Artesian Water
TDS 1300 mg/l
Balance | Still & Sparkling

Deep below the picturesque Mornington Peninsula at the base of the world’s oldest continent, Australia, lies one of the deepest and most ancient aquifers ever discovered.

This water catchment, known as the Palaeolithic Basement, is 900 metres below the ground and measured at an astonishing 600 million years old. In an incredible 2000-year journey, a trickle of water pushes through layers of mineral-rich red soil to reach the surface.

Laden with 1300 mg of mineral content per litre, Three Bays is not only intensely hydrating, it is also the only known mineral water to supply the body with 23 of the 24 minerals considered essential to good health.

Now, everyone can enjoy Three Bays mineral water, available in two varieties.
Three Bays Still is sweet, creamy and smooth, with a silky mouth feel.
Three Bays Sparkling is delightfully crisp, with a fine bubble and a low-acid finish.



Source: Spring Water
TDS 20 mg/L
Balance | Still

Lofoten Arctic Water is a premium brand of bottled water from nature’s paradise, the Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway, located north of the Arctic Circle between the 68’th and 69’th parallels.

The Lofoten Islands are located between the 68th and 69th parallels, north of the Arctic Circle. The archipelago builds a high wall of mountains and cliffs, creating a dreamlike landscape of rugged mountain peaks rising directly from the sea. Famous for their natural beauty, fresh air, exceptional water, untouched nature, and breathtaking mountain landscapes contrasting with deep fjords, sheltered inlets, and stretches of virgin seashore, the land of the Northern Lights and the midnight sun is stunningly beautiful.

The Lofoten Arctic Water is a unique product of this landscape, with no need for filtering or distillation. The Lofoten water source is located in the majestic mountains, and the source is renewed by glacial melt and snow all year from the surrounding mountains, and the pure rain during summer.

The water is soft and has a super low minerality TDS. The water has a soft and smooth mouthfeel and is crisp and clean like the landscape.


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